Fintech. AI. Robo-Advisors.

The above are just a handful that have begun to change how we use money. To name a few, they include how we save, spend, invest and borrow money. Soon, our society will be increasingly cashless and pretty-much mobile or tech-based. But, the question is this: ‘Would you be ready to capitalise and profit from it or would you be left behind?’

Here, I’ve invited Yeong Ning, Founder of Pentaip to share his views on Fintech and Robo-Advisors. We will be discussing the following:

– How did fintech change the world?
– Fintech investment A.I. and its history since the 1990s
– What are robo-advisors and the latest version of Robo-advisor 2.0?
– What kind of robo-advisor currently exists in the world that serves the mass market and high net worth?
– What type of institutions invests in fintech?
– How to profit from startup investment through ECF campaigns or private placements?


Financial educator, author and trainer

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