What would you do if your stock portfolio is in the red by S$ 400,000?

Here, let me share a story with you.

I have two friends, Victor and Rusmin, who were in that situation and they have successfully turned around a stock portfolio that was downed by S$ 400,000 in the Red to as much as S$ 2.3 million in the Black. An amazing feat indeed! So, if you incur losses in your stock portfolio, it is helpful for you to find out how they did so so that you have a better chance of turning your portfolio around.

This is why I have brought in Victor Chng, co-founder of the Fifth Person, one of the leading stock investment websites in Singapore to share with us his insights on stock investing and how we can invest better in today’s difficult times. We covered the following:

– Why You Should Not Time the Market?
– How to Safeguard Your Investments?
– Why is Building a Watchlist Important?


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