Webinar Date: 26 December 2017
Expert: KC Lau, Master Blogger of KCLau.com

Before 1 January 2018, there is still one more or last thing you may consider to not only save your income tax payments but stand a chance to have better returns from your investment in SSPN?

Therefore, I shared:

– How much tax relief is claimable for investing in SSPN?
– Is the Money in SSPN dead or alive?
– How to estimate gains from SSPN by using a Google Spreadsheet?
– Is there a loophole to maximize returns from SSPN?
– Can both parents claim relief if they have only one child?
– Live Discussions. FAQs and many more …..


Financial educator, author and trainer

    3 replies to "How to Pay Less Tax & Get Higher Returns with SSPN"

    • Suat Hian Tan

      I have tried to withdraw, it is very easy. Just fill in the form, within 14 working days, the money is in the provided bank account.

      • KCLau

        Thanks for letting us know.


      Hi KC, i am a full time worker and at the same time pursuing further studies. Just to let you know I am not married yet and have no kids. However, I am able to participate is sspn and also make full use of the tax rebate besides having an additional savings.

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