Are you incurring high TNB bills every single month?

If you are, don’t fret. Presently, it is common for homeowners and businessmen to install Solar PV systems on their residences and business premises to save on TNB Bills in the long run.

So, the question is, ‘Is this worth our investment?’

As such, I brought in Wang, Solar Solution Consultant of Verdant Solar Sdn Bhd, to share his experiences in lowering TNB bills from the installation of Solar PVs in Malaysia.


  • What is the Net Energy Metering (NEM) System?
  • How Solar PV Systems could reduce your Electricity Bills?
  • What are the Procedures to Install Solar PV at Your Residence?
  • How Much Does it Cost to Install Solar PV Systems at Your Residence?
  • What is the Payback Period of Solar PV Systems installed at Your Residence?


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    2 replies to "Reducing TNB Bills via Installation of Solar PVs with Verdant Solar"

    • Chen Heng 

      For Solar PV , what we are actually interested is also whether it is worth it to take out our epf to install the solar panels . eg, we need RM30K for solar installation. And we take out from our EPF. Is it worth it.- a benefit comparision / cost /return calculation. Thks

      • KCLau 

        Yes you are right. You can do an analysis for the investment on Solar PV.
        The method is to use a spreadsheet, with just one formula – IRR.
        Figure out the cash flow and you will get the return rate.
        We estimated that as >15% per annum return.

        You can scroll to timestamp 1:12:00

        Then you can see where your funding can come from:
        – zero-interest credit card installment
        – refinancing home loan
        – or even EPF

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