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Jooli asked 11 months ago

Dear KC & Ian, 
Kindly advice which trading platform is the most cost effective to invest into SGX for passive Malaysian investor.

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KCLau Staff answered 11 months ago

Hi Jooli,
I use Philip Capital Singapore. 
You can use my referral link: https://kclau.com/poem

You can open the account entirely online from Malaysia.
And when you fund your trading account, you can bank in/transfer RM to their Malaysia Maybank account.
I did that and saved the hassle and transaction fees of sending money overseas.

Jooli  replied 11 months ago

Hi KC,
1. Which type of account would you recommend? Cash plus account or cash management?
2. If transfer MYR directly to their malaysia account, I have to convert currency via poem platform is it?

Kindly advice.

KCLau  Staff replied 11 months ago

1. I used the cash plus account.
2. Yes, convert to SGD when the RM shows in your account, through POEMS platform.

Jooli  replied 11 months ago

Thank you very much for the reply.