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Ho Tze Hui asked 2 months ago

Hi KCLau ,
Hope you’re well. I just would like to ask what’s the requirement again to obtain the free lifetime access to your webinars that you shared out during your past webinar on 6 Mar entitled ‘How to Accumulate Wealth and Live FREE’?
Apologies that it slipped my mind and would appreciate if you could let me know.

1 Answers
KCLau Staff answered 2 months ago

Here is the summary to take up the Completion Challenge:

  1. You will need to complete the PWM Personal Finance Workbook. You can make a copy by clicking this link. 
  2. Email your softcopy of PWM Personal Finance Workbook to support@kclau.com, at any time before the 365th day of your membership.
  3. Finish the 12 months subscription payment (RM99 x 12, or RM999 one-time)

What if you can’t complete the challenge within the first year?
You can extend the challenge for another year by paying renewal fee of RM499/year only.
We wish to see you completing the challenge soon.