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Mei yee Aw asked 3 years ago

i have a property in sunway geo residence. currently rental yield abt 4.8%. shall i hold this sunway geo residence for long term tenancy or i shall sell it for capital appreciation in 4-5 years time?

Ian Tai  Staff replied 3 years ago

Hi Ms. Aw, thanks for your question. I don’t have a specific answer to your question for I have no idea about your financial situation and objective for having Sunway GEO Residence. If you are able to keep renting it for 4.8% per annum, I suppose that would be awesome. In terms of capital appreciation, Sunway GEO Residence is asking for RM 900-1,000 psf. It is already one of the most highly priced properties in Subang and Sunway region. In other words, your prospective buyers will most likely not be an Average Joe. Presently, Subang Jaya, on average, is asking for RM 500+ psf if it is a sub sale property. The question is, ‘Will there be people who are willing to pay RM 1,200, RM 1,300, or RM 1,500 psf for your property in the next 4-5 years?’ It would be helpful if you can assess it candidly and objectively.

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KCLau Staff answered 10 years ago

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