I have invited Ian Tai, founder of Bursaking.com.my & one who crazily read through annual reports of 900+ stocks, for an interactive 1-Hour Online Live Workshop on P/E Ratio itself, known as the P/E Ratio Masterclass. Here, Ian will be sharing:

1. How Many Bought Expensive Stocks … thinking that they are cheap.
2. How Investors Compounded their Wealth via stock investing safely.
3. How to Identify Winning Stocks … and avoid the Losers.
4. How to Estimate Capital Gains of a Stock … before investing into it.
5. Live Demonstrations. Real Case Studies. and Many More.

Ian Tai
Ian Tai

Financial Content Machine. Dividend Investor. Produced 450+ Financial Articles featured in KCLau.com in Malaysia and the Fifth Person, Value Invest Asia, and Small Cap Asia in Singapore. Regular Host and Presenter of a Weekly Financial Webinar with KCLau.com. Co-Founded DividendVault.com, an online membership site that empowers retail investors to build a stock portfolio that pays rising dividends year after year in Malaysia and Singapore.

    9 replies to "P/E Ratio Masterclass"

    • JY Saw

      can i have access to the spreadsheet?

    • Yao Jun Chan

      Hi, Can I have the access to the spreadsheet?

      • KCLau

        For paid PWM members, you can click the Google Spreadsheet link above (below the video), and click tab “File” > “Make a copy”. You need a Google account to make a copy.

        • Ho Ming Yao

          Hi KC,

          Upon clicking the link, there is no tab to make a copy. Any other way to get the spreadsheet? Thanks in advance.

          • KCLau

            Thanks. We will check on it

            • Thomas Khoo

              Hi KC, upon clicking the tab. We are asked to request permission to access… I believe the spreadsheet is locked

    • Ng Soo lan


    • Duvell Boo

      hi Ian,

      just wanna check, how do you get previous years share price for 5/10Y?

      • KCLau

        Can find the Yahoo Finance

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