What is the first thing that comes to mind when talking about ETFs?

Is it the old-school S&P 500 index fund?
Or, is it Cathie Wood, US-based fund manager who founded Ark Invest?
Or, nothing really comes to mind for you yet?

Well regardless, ETFs have grown in popularity among people who wish to have exposure to a portfolio of investments based on their own preferred industries, sectors, asset classes, and even geographical locations. Instead of picking stocks on their own, people can invest into a portfolio of these investments via ETFs as they are convenient and impose lower fees as compared to unit trusts.

But, are ETFs suitable for you?

Thus, we have brought back Yap Ming Hui, the leading authority in the area of holistic wealth management on our webinar to talk about the following:

  • What should you know before you invest in ETFs?
  • How can ETFs fit into your investment strategy?
  • Who should invest in ETFs?
  • How do ETFs measure up against unit trust and other investments?
  • How to select the right ETFs to optimise your investment portfolio?


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