Since 2014, the local real estate market in Malaysia has slowed down, which has led to a fall in property transaction volume for the past 5 years. Many seasoned investors, particularly the cash-rich ones, have picked up good bargains as local properties were sold and still are offered at below their market valuation.

As of 28 January 2020, Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) has reduced the OPR by as much as 25 basis points, a second reduction in the past 12 months. This is excellent news for existing borrowers, but not too good for savers with plenty of FDs. So, would this act as a catalyst to boost our real estate market?

Here, I have invited Premendran (Prem), GM of Customer Data Solutions at REA Group Asia (owner of onto my 1-Hour Live Webinar to show us some cool stats on how well our real estate market has fared in 2019. Furthermore, he will impart insights on properties’ prospects in 2020 and beyond. Here, we would touch on the following:

– A Quick Overview on Real-Time User Visits & Property Listing Data for Subsale Residential Properties in Malaysia in 2019.
– Local Market Sentiments and Main Areas of Buying & Selling Properties.
– Discussion #1: Is the Local Property Market Stabilizing and Consolidating?
– Discussion #2: Government Policies, Vacant Possessions, and Mega Projects on Demand Growth for Local Properties.
– Discussion #3: Does Demand Growth Truly Convert into Transactions?

Ian Tai
Ian Tai

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