Is there a way to invest without needing to study, research or monitor stocks in the stock market?’

Well, the answer is Yes. 
For decades, unit trust has been and still is a popular investment vehicle.
People can pool monies into a fund where fund managers professionally invests it.
Unit trusts allow an individual to instantly participate in a portfolio consisting of equities, bonds, money market funds, etc., with little capital.

But, as of now, many people attained dismay performances from their unit trust portfolio despite years of investing through it.

In this webinar, Mr Yap Ming Hui, a licensed financial planner and the Founder of Whitman Independent Advisors Sdn Bhd shared strategies and tips on how you can increase your ROI in unit trust with higher certainty. 


  • What you don’t know about Unit Trust Investing.
  • How to construct a profitable Unit Trust Portfolio?
  • How to manage a profitable Unit Trust Portfolio?
  • Interactive Discussion and Q&A.

Ian Tai
Ian Tai

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