As I write, local banks are offering <2% in FD rates.

This means our money is rotting in value faster than ever, and it is about time to think about how we can preserve the purchasing power of our money. Of course, there are many vehicles in the market today that will offer much higher returns than FD rates.

But, what if, you’re currently stashing away money for big tickets items that you will need for the next 2-3 years such as:
a. Wedding Expenses.
b. Down Payment for Your First House or Your Next Property.
c. Renovation, Furniture and Fittings for Your New Property.
d. Reserve Funds for Your New or Existing Business Ventures.
e. Your Children’s Tertiary Education Funds, assuming they are now teenagers.

You can’t possibly screw that money up.
Thus, I’d brought in Wong Wai Ken, Country Manager of StashAway Malaysia Sdn Bhd on this webinar.
He shared about StashAway Simple™, an innovative product of StashAway recently launched in June 2020. It offers a projected rate of 2.4% per annum to investors without risks.

You will be discovering:
– Why Stretch Your Spare Cash?
– Introduction to Money Market Funds
– What’s Behind StashAway Simple™’s Projected 2.4% Rate?
– How to Get the Most of StashAway Simple™ on the StashAway Platform?


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