Russ is a fun dog, loves to hang out, always beaming with joy and laughter. His energy is contagious and his positivity is infectious. Russ is a good companion, a great buddy that anyone could ask for. Heck, you could count on Russ to rejoice and celebrate with you when your favourite team scores in the World Cup!

Russ is definitely a man’s best friend.

Then one day, Russ has diarrhoea. You send him to the vet and pay for his bill. It costs you a sum but hey, how’s that compared to having a buddy like Russ?

Soon, a few months down the road, Russ has ear infections. Then later, he has a skin disease. One thing leads to another. You now start to realise. Is having Russ around expensive? Today, if that’s you, don’t fret.

During this webinar, Michelle Chin, Co-Founder and COO of Oyen, a platform that offers pet insurance to shared the following:

  • How much does it cost to have a pet?
  • Pet ownership and humanisation trends in Malaysia
  • Should pet owners buy insurance for their pets?
  • What are the benefits for pet insurance in Malaysia?
  • How do you get an insurance quote for your pet in Malaysia?


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