Have you heard of SpeedRent?

I first came across its billboard ad when I was on the Federal Highway. As I write, they have rebranded themselves into SpeedHome, where it pioneers and introduces a platform that allows:

– to find good quality tenants.
– to secure their properties with Allianz General Insurance up to RM 42,000.

– to rent a home with Zero Deposit.

Here, I have invited Mr Wong Whei Meng (Wong), the CEO & Founder of SpeedHome onto my next 1-Hour Live Webinar where Wong will share how to rent out your properties in today’s sluggish real estate market with the help of SpeedHome. Here are the highlights of our discussion:

– Latest Property Market Insights in Malaysia.
– Why Consider Renting Out Your Properties in Today’s Market.
– How to Get Better Tenants for Your Properties Faster?
– Live Demo: How to Download and Use the SpeedHome App?
– Live Discussions & FAQs.

Ian Tai
Ian Tai

Financial Content Machine. Dividend Investor. Produced 500+ Financial Articles featured in KCLau.com in Malaysia and the Fifth Person, Value Invest Asia, and Small Cap Asia in Singapore. Regular Host and Presenter of a Weekly Financial Webinar with KCLau.com. Co-Founded DividendVault.com, an online membership site that empowers retail investors to build a stock portfolio that pays rising dividends year after year in Malaysia and Singapore.

    2 replies to "How to Rent Out Your Properties in Today’s Sluggish Market?"

    • Jim Wong

      hi, why is this video published up to the 15:22minutes, not complete. I’m already a member can access all the other webminar, except the latest one with just 15mins.

      • KCLau

        Thanks for informing the issue. Recently there is an issue with our website cache. However, your account is still good.

        Please follow this procedure to see if your problem is solved:
        1. Login first at: https://KCLau.com/webinar/login (check “remember me”, so you don’t have to login again in the next 30 days)
        2. Visit the page with the training video.
        3. If it is still showing the short video, hit the “refresh” button, or “Control”+”R” button, or “CTRL”+”F5”. See if it works. If not, try step 4.
        4. Open Google Chrome a new Incognito Window, then repeat step 1-3 above.

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