As I write, most stock indices are trading at their all-time highs. To-date,

a. S&P 500: 3,824.68 (All-time High)
b. Dow Jones Industrial Average: 31,097.97 (All-time High)
c. Nasdaq: 13,201.98 (All-time High)
d. Russell 2000: 2,091.66 (All-time High)

So, are we in a stock market bubble? How should we invest in times like this?

To answer this question, I’ve brought in Stanley Lim, Chief Editor of Value Invest Asia (VIA), a well-known Singapore-based value investing website to talk about investing during times like this.

Content discussed:

  • Are we in a stock market bubble?
  • Investing lessons learnt from history?
  • Stanley’s approach towards investing in 2021
  • Investment Mistakes to be Avoided Presently.
  • Case Study. Alibaba.


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