– Understand the Process of Crafting a Financial Plan.
– Key Components of a Comprehensive and Holistic Financial Plan.
– How to Craft a Plan towards Achieving Personal Financial Success?
– How to Craft an Investment Plan and Manage it Actively?
– Setting Time-Based Goals to Kickstart Your Financial Journey in 2020.


Financial educator, author and trainer

    8 replies to "How to Craft Your Very Own Personal Financial Plan?"

    • Ang Ai ling

      Hi, may i know how do I get the excel file shared by shown in the webinar? I couldnt find it anywhere in the link provided.

    • Katrina Chng

      IS not the full video

      • KCLau

        Hi Katrina, the full video, slides, notes and downloads are only for paid members of Premium Webinar Membership (PWM)
        More details here: https://kclau.com/webinar/join

    • Enoch

      HI KC,
      I signed up for MyPF but can’t see anything at https://mypf.my/premier/resources/downloads/

      Its empty for me. Not sure what I’m doing wrong.

      it shows “Get Members Access or Login to view this content.” but when i login successfully, it still shows the same thing even after I refresh page.

      • KCLau

        Hi Enoch, I think you need to contact MyPF directly about this issue. I don’t run that site and couldn’t help you on this issue.
        Please mentioned that you get referred from this webinar so they know how to assist you.

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