How much TNB bills are you paying for your house every single month?

Is it RM 500, RM 1,000 or much more?

If that’s you, many homeowners today are enjoying significant reduction in TNB bills after installing solar PVs on their homes. But often, the one major question that most people have, before installing solar PVs, is: ‘How much does it cost to install and maintain solar PV on their homes?’.

And, does it make ‘financial sense’?

Wang, Solar Solution Consultant of Verdant Solar Sdn Bhd, showed us the details so we can explore a couple of ways to optimize such returns. Some discussion points:

  • What is the Net Energy Metering (NEM) System?
  • How Solar PV Systems could reduce your Electricity Bills?
  • How Much Does it Cost to Install Solar PV Systems at Your Residence?
  • What are the Financing Options available and how do they impact returns?
  • Live Demonstration of Spreadsheet Calculation on its Financial Returns


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