Are you a property owner? 

Who do you call if you need air-con servicing or plumbing work? 

What if I tell you that ‘one phone number’ is all you need to get fast, responsive and professional access to most of your home repairs?  

That is called ‘Home Warranty’. 

This concept is very popular in the U.S. as it can save costs, time and frustration for property owners. But, the thing is, ‘Is home warranty practical in Malaysia?’. 

Here, we have invited Mohamed Shakir, Founder of Handibee Sdn Bhd, a local home warranty firm in Malaysia, to share: 

  • What is home warranty? 
  • How is it different from home insurance? 
  • What are the benefits for having a home warranty for your properties? 
  • What to do when your house needs repair work? 
  • Who should consider having a home warranty? 


Financial educator, author and trainer

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