Let’s assume you lend RM 10,000 to a relative.

He promises to repay you as soon as he is financially able.

Few years later, you paid him a visit and found that he seems to be doing ‘okay’. So, you asked for your money back from him. Initially, he asked you to trust him and verbally offered to repay your capital. But, as months go by, you have come to a realization that he is just stalling.

So, what can you do?

Are there better options than just to forgive this debt?

Voon Su Huei, Principal Associate at Thomas Philip shared with us the following:

  • The basic structure of a friendly loan agreement.
  • Can we impose interests in such lending?
  • Legal considerations before engaging in a friendly loan agreement
  • Practical ways to recover capital from a friendly loan agreement that soured.
  • Case studies, interactive discussions and many more.


Financial educator, author and trainer

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