Dear Members,

I have known Yap Ming Hui for ages.

For years, Yap is an advocate for independent financial advices. He believes any financial advices given should be tailor-made to the benefit of an individual and not as ‘sales pitches’ which primarily benefit both the salesperson and financial institutions that introduced their financial products.

Recently, I received a phone call from him where I got news that he has gotten himself a Mobile App designed to help people achieve financial freedom. I was impressed. As such, I’d decided to invite Yap on my 1-Hour Live Webinar where he would share how people can manage wealth and move themselves closer to financial freedom. Here are some of our discussions:

– Defining Financial Freedom
– What does it take for you to Achieve Financial Freedom?
– Roadmap: Your Tool to Your Financial Freedom
– Mobile App Version of Roadmap to Financial Freedom
– Case Studies. Live Discussions. and many more …

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