Dear Soon-to-be Cafe Owners,

Have you ever dreamt of … Owning a Cafe one day in the future?

Perhaps, you do. Or, in fact, you are already in the midst of working on your business plan to start a Cafe. Definitely, it is no easy feat as there are a lot to consider, from its business model, to fundings, to marketing, to licenses and approvals from local authorities.

Last month, I was introduced to The Milk Shop, a neighbourhood cafe which features quality milk-based F&B products. I had a chat with its founders and was intrigued by how they set up their Cafe. Thus, I’ve decided to rope them in and have them to share their entrepreneurial stories with you.

In my next webinar, I would be hosting a live interview with Dr. Tan I-Lene and Ms. Rachel Chan, founders of The Milk Shop to share how it all began & more importantly, their wisdom and practical tips to boost your chances of success in starting a Cafe in the near future. Here are the main highlights of our upcoming session:

– Introduction & the Concept of The Milk Shop.
– The Start-Up Cost of The Milk Shop
– Lessons Learned & Practical Tips to Starting & Running a Cafe
– What’s Next for The Milk Shop?
– Live Discussions. FAQs. and Many More….

Ian Tai
Ian Tai

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