My first blog post was in 2006. At that time, I wasn’t into online businesses. All I had was a ‘passion’ to share what I’ve learnt about personal finance on my blog. Then I became more aware of online businesses and realised that I had amassed value-adding knowledge in the area of personal finance. At the same time, the blog had gathered a small army of followers.
So, I decided to convert my blog into an online enterprise. Fast forward to 2022, remains 100% online and digitised in offering the best financial education amongst local Malaysians today.

I owe my success to educators who teach real digital marketing skills. Not many of them have lasted >10 years in this industry.

One of them is Patric Chan, a pioneer in the industry. Beginning in 2003, Patric’s work as an internet marketing expert has impacted thousands across the world. Here, I have the honour to have him on our webinar to share about:

  • The biggest misconception of the knowledge-based business that prevents anyone from getting started
  • How do you “convert” your expertise, skill or knowledge into an online business or a side-hustle
  • How someone without expertise, skill and knowledge can still launch a knowledge-based business to generate income
  • Traffic generation on a shoestring budget.
  • Some thoughts on NFTs for digital content creators and business owners


Financial educator, author and trainer

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