What life would be after you retire?

Imagine having endless free days that you could choose to do whatever you like to do and be wherever you want to be. You can plan occasional ‘makan’ trips or take your loved ones on an overseas trip every now and then. You could choose to volunteer in church or in charitable organisations, play golf or just chill at the comfort of your nicely built palace of yours – your home.

Could these simple expectations of retirement be realities for us?

Or, are these realities of retirement very far from our expectations?

During this webinar, Yap Ming Hui, the leading authority in holistic wealth management shared about:

  • The Current Retirement Realities in Malaysia
  • 3 Stages in Retirement Planning
  • Strategies to Fund our Retirement Nest Eggs
  • Retirement Checklist Review (5 Years Prior to Retirement)
  • Dos and Don’ts of Maintaining Our Retirement Lifestyle


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