An IT guy went into business and he failed.

He was almost bankrupt as he raked in more debt than assets, comprising loads of insurance policies. Fortunately, he received help from a financial wiz quickly.

Of which, the IT guy did two things:

1. He lowered his insurance premiums by an astounding RM 23k a year without lowering his sum assured.

2. He invested in 2 properties and grew his net worth significantly in 2 years.

Who is that financial wiz?

In this webinar, we have Ng Ka Hoe, founder of J Advisory & Licensed Financial Planner who successfully helped his client (the IT guy) with a new lease of his financial life. Content of the discussion situations:

  • Background: Who is he, Marital Status, and What he does for a living?
  • Before: What were the issues he was facing? – Financial Stats.
  • Solutions that You Proposed and Why did you offer them to him.
  • Aftermaths: What happened after he implemented your suggestions?
  • Summary: 3/5/7 Lessons to be learnt for all.


Financial educator, author and trainer

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