Pradeep asked 4 years ago

hi kc,
How are you? I was wondering how to start my first investment in stocks and would you do a guide on how to start invest in stocks step by step. How to identity and choose the best broker. If it is under bank how to open a broker through bank. What are the other things that we should do to register the stocks. Because im totally new to this stock investment. Please help me to guide how to start from scratch. Thanks and stay safe


1 Answers
KCLau Staff answered 4 years ago

In fact, setting up a trading account to buy/sell stocks is the easiest part of stock investment. As all the brokers want your business, they will assist you if you contact them (email, phone call, walk-in to branches).
And you can have many accounts with different brokers too. There is no recurring cost to maintain all those trading account in Malaysia. So you can actually try out each one if you want to.
For convenience, you can also do it entirely online now. Check out RakutenTrade.