Q & ACategory: BusinessStart Business In Malaysia with Non-Resident Partner
Eng Fook Goh asked 5 years ago

I am non-resident and my partner is resident in Malaysia.
We are going to start up a new business as a partnership.

1. May I know is it a good idea to register as a partnership? Apart from the partnership, which kind of company should we register? We have a limited budget.
2. What is the tax rate for our case?

1 Answers
KCLau Staff answered 5 years ago

I think a non-resident can’t register normal partnership though. You can look into LLP (Limited Liability Partnership) or Sdn Bhd. (Private Limited Company).

for LLP and Sdn Bhd, the tax rate is flat 17% (2019 onwards) for the first 500k pre-tax profit.