Q & ACategory: OthersRequest to Publicly Share Your Free E-Book Money Tips on Business Social Media
Eve Wang asked 8 months ago

Dear Mr. Kc Lau,
I am currently working as an intern for a small start up, and SDN BHD which specializes in providing digital company secretary services, we also have accounting and bookkeeping services for anyone in need of such. It is quite related to financial matters. In order to provide more content to our audience in our social media, I would like to request your permission for me to share your free ebook on Money Tips in our social media/blog as I think it will be a beneficial content to share. Do let me know if it is favorable for you to allow this. 
For reference, here is our Facebook social page. We are MISHU, your digital company secretary service. MISHU (facebook.com)

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KCLau Staff answered 8 months ago

Thanks for asking. You can share it by crediting the source to KCLau.com
That’ll be all good.