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SIONG TYNG WONG asked 5 years ago

First of all, im STWong
Im your Premium member and i would say your blog really pack much info i require to start investing rather than FT and UT. 
In fact i had buy some stock and its in Positive return son far in term on capital gain.
I had 2 question which need your advide and opinion:
I had attended some Free seminar on investing. From all these seminar, i found that they claim to have some technique and method to make profit in trading n stock investiinv. What your opinion for all those class? they provide some 1-2 days boot camp lesson and it cost around RM7-10k in fees
i had bought Sunreit stock on 14Feb? after that  only i realise the ex-date for dividend pay out on 14Feb. Am i entitle for this divident.
Hope to get some feedback and comment from you

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KCLau Staff answered 5 years ago

#1. I didn’t attend most of the class you mentioned. So I couldn’t possibly give you a fair review on them. You will need to ask those who had attended and see what’s the result they are getting.
#2. For the exact date, refer the announcement published by Bursa Malaysia website:
The entitlement date is 1 Mar 2019.. and if investor buy the stock before 27 Feb is still entitled.