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Adam Karim asked 3 years ago

Firstly I’d like to thank you for being such an amazing guide for everyone that has the interest of investing and making it as simple as possible. Ive been binge reading your articles and it made me think much clearer of my goals and how to achieve them. 
I’m not sure if you entertain questions like this but I’m gonna give it a shot. 
Ive currently been actively managing my stock portfolio using CIMB itrade for roughly 2 years, holding 30 companies and current market value is at RM100,000. My issue is, I’ve switched from buying and holding to trading for short term gains or duit kopi as you call it. But i don’t see much growth unless i buy new companies or top up older ones. I could send you a screenshot of my portfolio if your interested.
I guess what I’m trying to ask is, is what I’m doing the right way of accumulating wealth or is there a better way to manage my portfolio. Should i be selling when the price is at its peak or keep holding on and topping up whenever the price has gone lower.
Should i only hold 10 companies with bigger investments or should i continue buying companies at RM2-3k..
I do hope your understand what i mean, apologies if it seems cluttered.
Anyway thanks again and do keep them articles coming as your blogs one of the best out there. Thanks and stay safe   

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KCLau Staff answered 3 years ago

Hi Adam,
Thanks for reaching out. FYI, I don’t provide any investment advice. So I couldn’t specifically look at your portfolio and give you any buy or sell recommendation. 
In your case, I would suggest that you learn about investing, specifically – Value investing. 
Once you have the skill, you will know what to do with the stocks portfolio – which one to keep for long term, and which one to take it out of your portfolio.
I have partnered with several trainers on this topic. You can get on these free training to learn more about how we do it: