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abdul jalil bin muharram asked 5 years ago

HI KC, I would like to ask what is your personal opinion on having 2 or 3 CDS acc. What is the pros & cons.
2nd question is which brokers are you preferred the best? As for now I am using RHB. Things I like about RHB is I can invest not only in Bursa Malaysia, but also a few foreign stocks. But the cons that I dislike is I need to inform/ go through the remisier every time I cash in or cash out funds to or from my savings account in HSBC & it takes days before I can see the funds appear in my HSBC acc. Not much I know on the other brokers. Hopefully your experience can offer much better opinion.

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KCLau Staff answered 5 years ago

There is no problem to have several CDS account. Each broker will require you to have a separate CDS account with them.

If you use bank-related brokers (Public bank, Maybank, CIMB, Hong Leong), they use the nominee account and it will be linked to your bank account with them. That will be very easy for transferring funds in and out of the trading account.

I believe your RHB one was through other brokers, who was acquired by RHB a few years ago. And that one is not a nominee account. So in that case, you receive all the annual report, corporate exercise, dividend cheque directly mailed to you.