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Teh Jason asked 6 years ago

Hi Kc,
I am Jason, one of your premium webinar members, I came across the PE masterclass that you conducted with Ian and had some questions in mind. When I tried digging the historical PE, I noticed that some stocks are having bonus issue and etc. This has lowered the EPS due to share dilution, however, I think this shouldn’t matter too much right? because when there’s bonus issue/share split, both the share price and EPS would be reflected together, so I could just compute them based on annual report and ignore the share split/bonus issue ?
Another question would be, when I tried looking at the basic weighted average number of shares in latest quarterly/annual report, somehow sometimes it seems to be different from what I have gotten from wall street journal or klse, I suppose taking the figures from the latest report would be the most accurate way right?
Thank you.
Kind Regards,

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KCLau Staff answered 12 years ago

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