Q & ACategory: InsuranceHow can we get impartial insurance advice?
Jason Wong asked 2 years ago

I had subscribed to KCLau.com for a month and learned from the webinars. 🙂

Now we’re ready for the next step, who can we speak with in regards to what insurance gap exists, how much, and which insurance company’s product would fit? Could you recommend someone who can advise us on the right life, CI, medical, and PA insurance?

We would like impartial advice as we had dealt with mortgage brokers who are affiliated with specific insurance brands. So whatever advice we received previously from her was skewed towards those insurance company’s products that she sells (and from which she gained significant commission).

Thank you.

1 Answers
KCLau Staff answered 2 years ago

You can look for a licensed financial advisor, like the Whitman founded by Yap Ming Hui.
Or you can contact my associate Ms Tan Hooi Chee, also a licensed financial planner. Email me and I will connect you.