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Ian asked 1 year ago

Hi Mr Lau, 

  I am two years fresh out of university and have started my career abroad, in Europe. I do not have any income in Malaysia and I had been thinking of investing to get at least RM0.055 per RM invested (based on current inflation). I am currently saving around 30% of my monthly income for midterm (25 years) investment. Do you have any suggestions on what I should look out for in property and REIT investment seeing that my main source of income is outside of Malaysia? Should I also consider foreign investments? 
I hope you can share some guidance.

Thank you.

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KCLau Staff answered 1 year ago

Since you are working in Europe, you have the option to invest in overseas stock market.
There are tonnes of options there – ETF, REITs, Stocks, Mutual funds, etc.
As what to invest – it depends on your knowledge and skills. Best to acquire the investing skill so you can invest safely and profitably.
Good luck to you.