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Lia asked 1 year ago

I have read your ebook volume 1. I find it interesting and worth reading in depth. You adviced your readers about investing in mutual funds. Mutual funds are really pretty common. Reading materials for mutual funds are also available everywhere.

I don’t know if you have discussions about ETFs further down your ebook chapters, so I will put the question to you first. What is your opinion regarding ETFs and roboadvisors? Are they better than mutual funds. Is it a good idea to invest in all 4 most common investments (stock exchange, mutual funds, ETFs and ILI)?

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KCLau Staff answered 1 year ago

ETF and Roboadvisors are getting more popular. Those could be better also to replace unit trusts as the cost of investing is lower —– lower upfront service fee, and lower recurring management fee.
And you could get the same diversification effect and also dollar cost averaging strategy with ETF and Roboadvisors platform.
The best is to hold stock directly – as it has no holding cost (no recurring management fee). And you get to pick only the good business to hold in your portfolio.