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JEFFREY CHUA asked 4 years ago

Hi KC,
A very good day to you.
I would like to ask whether is it a good decision to go for Debt Management Programme (DMP).Currently, I have CIP and personnel loan. Recently, someone offered me a flat of interest of 5% per year, for a total of 10yrs.
Currently, I am paying <RM2,500 /mth, and will fully paid within 2yrs. However, understand from the offer was, if I can do early settlement let’s say within 2yrs instead of 10yrs if I take the DMP programme, they calculated that i will save a bit more and they waived and rebates for me.
after some calculation, found out that is cheaper if I can do early settle by 2yrs , in fact, currently I am still able to pay on time, but looks like the offer seem like good offer.
But after a certain of time thinking, I have some doubts, my question is it a good idea to go for AKPK DMP programme ?, what is the consequence if one person sign up the programme. Will it affect ours credit scoring or any impact if future when I try to buy house or getting any personal loan or CIP will it affect my performance financial in CTOS or BNM ?
Pls advise.
Thank you very much in advanced.

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KCLau Staff answered 4 years ago

Hi Jeffrey, first, I would like to understand whether it is
#1. Did you approach AKPK directly at their branch to find out the DMP program?
#2. Someone called you to offer you a DMP program, and claimed that they are from AKPK?
If it is #1, then we will proceed to discuss about more details. You can email me the offer they give you. All the details.
If it is #2, I doubt that there are some marketers claiming that they are representing AKPK, and tried to sell some loans. It could be a trap. Be careful.