Dear Aspiring Entrepreneurs,

Have you ever dream of starting up a digital enterprise that could potentially make millions?

If you have, please read on.

Perhaps, you could be working as:

– An Employee but … are thinking of getting into business full-time.
– A Start-Up who is … struggling to get your business off the ground.
– A Businessman who … seeks to take your business to the next level.

In any cases above, I’ve found something useful for all of you – Nexea. It is set up to enhance the success rate of startups in Malaysia. If you are not aware of its existence, here are just a few of Nexea’s recent accomplishments:

– Funded 30+ Startups.
– Deployed RM 7 Million+ in Fundings
– Have 30+ Successful Business People as Mentors

Here, I’d invited Ben Lim, a MBA & a partner of Nexea, on my Live Webinar to share his insights on startups & entrepreneurship. You’ll learn:

– Critical Success Factors of a Startup
– What do Venture Capitalists Look for in a Startup?
– Startup Case Study #1: Parkit
– Startup Case Study #2:
– Live Discussions. FAQs. and many more …


Financial educator, author and trainer

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