Lately, I read a story of an entrepreneur who happens to be a pet-lover.

One day, his dog fell ill. The entrepreneur rushed his pet dog to his local vet and was informed that his dog would be required to undergo a surgery. This surgery cost him some money and the problem was that he did not have excess cash in his bank account to pay for the surgery.

Reluctantly, he cancelled his FD account, which would mature in 3 days time, to raise cash for the surgery. Hence, he forfeited his right to earn its full interests.

Fuelled with this disappointment, this entrepreneur roped in two of his friends, whom he has worked with before, to develop Versa, a digital cash management platform to revolutionize how we Malaysians could manage our idle cash better and more efficiently.

In this webinar, we invited Richmond, one of the two friends of this entrepreneur, who had co-founded Versa. Richmond shared how we could manage our idle cash better with Versa.

  • The differences between FDs and Versa
  • The differences between money market funds and Versa
  • How can Versa help with one’s financial planning?
  • Latest developments and future plans for Versa
  • Live Demonstrations on How to Open an Account with Versa



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