‘Take a guess … Where is the most southern city in Malaysia?’
‘Ehmm … Johor Bahru?’
‘Nope, it’s Perth.’
‘Hahaha … ‘

Jokes aside … Let’s meet Alvin, a father of three children.

He wishes his children to further their studies, graduate, work, and settle down overseas. Australia seems ideal as it is the closest Westernised country situated away from Malaysia. Singapore is way too competitive. Both Britain and the US are just … too far away.

Like Alvin, if you intend to realise your Aussie dream, either through yourself or via your children, the next webinar is for you.

We featured William Lee, a Registered Migration Agent (Australia) onto our webinar where he shared the entire processes required if you wish to migrate to Australia.

You’ll find out the following:
– Why is Australia the top choice?
– The Top 3 Visas You can Apply with a higher success rate
– What are the Visa Requirements and Process
– How COVID-19 Affects Migration To Australia
– Behind The Scenes Of A Migration Agency


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