Will your child be the next multi-millionaire?

How would you answer this question if you are a parent today?

If you are wealthy today, most likely, you’ll have a belief that the above is possible. And you will do your best to ensure that your kids’ financial future is set for life.
But, the problem usually lies in how you can impart financial wisdom to your children so that they will not squander the wealth you will have accumulated for them.

But if you are not rich, you may chuckle the idea of your kid becoming rich one day in the future. This is understandable for a person’s level of financial success is often influenced by his or her upbringing at home. A poor person is usually not poor because he lacks money. But he is poor because he has poor money beliefs. If so, a good way to start improving the financial life of your kids is first to change your beliefs and have your kids begin early in financial matters.

In this webinar, we featured Ernest Tan, Author of Raising Financially Savvy Kids to share the following:

– Common Challenges faced by Parents in Financial Parenting
– What are the Money Lessons I Should Impart to My Kids?
– Should I Continue to Give My Kids Allowance if they are not going to school?
– My Income has been affected by COVID-19. Should I discuss it with my kids?
– How You Start Teaching Your Kids about Money via a Board Game

Ian Tai
Ian Tai

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