Webinar Date: 15 December 2017
Expert: John Yep, Head of Commercial Business at Allianz Malaysia Bhd

Dear Property Owners,

Real estate is one of the biggest investments that most of us would make in our lifetime.

As I write, you could be an owner of your current residence or a landlord that owns a portfolio of income-generating investment properties that are worth millions today.

In any case, it makes absolute sense to insure your most valuable assets so that your financials would be covered against potential risks of losses from potential damages on your properties.

Thus, I’ve invited John Yep, the Head of Commercial Business of Allianz Malaysia to share the following:

– 5 Potential Risks a Property Owner faces after receiving the keys to his property?
– How to get the Most Suitable Insurance Coverages for Your Property?
– 5 Things You Need to Know about Smart Home Cover
– How Smart Landlords protect themselves against the risks of bad tenants?
– Live Discussions, FAQs, and many more

Ian Tai
Ian Tai

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