Personally, as a financial educator, I believe that life is a balancing act. It is more important than ever to exercise moderation in our finances. For instance:

– Don’t be too splurgy as if there is no tomorrow.
– Don’t be too stingy on ourselves as we build our finances.

So in realising this, I took vacations to pamper myself and enjoy the fruits of my labour. Instead of our usual financial education webinars, I like to do something different in our next 1-Hour Live Webinar Session.

I would like to give you a “treat”.

Here, I have invited Dr. Terry Chen, Chiropractor / Hiker / Diver / Adventurer, on my platform to share his exciting adventures of Solo Hiking, Mountain Climbing, and Scuba-Diving with us. We would cover the following:

– Beginners’ Guide to Hiking, Camping and Diving
– Tale 1: 5-Week Solo Hike in New Zealand
– Tale 2: The Everest Climb
– Tale 3: Diving in the Maldives and Raja Ampat in Indonesia


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