Expert: KC Lau, Malaysia No 1 Online Financial Educator

Content: In 2016, total dividends and bonus payouts from ASB was 7.25 sen. The return was 7.25% as the price of ASB is fixed at RM 1 a unit. What if, there is a method that you can use safely to generate above 10% returns from your investment in ASB?

Really, is it possible? How?

The answer is leverage. If you are a Bumi reading this, do you know that you can finance your ASB investment through obtaining ASB loans? In fact, with ASB loans, you can start investing in ASB today even if you currently do not have any savings.

Pretty cool, huh?

In this webinar, I shared:

– What is ASB Loan?
– Where to apply for ASB Loans?
– The Benefits of Using ASB Loans to Invest in ASB
– The Risks involved in using ASB Loans to Invest in ASB
– How to Calculate Your Effective Returns from using ASB loans to invest in ASB?

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