Dear Investors,

As I write, the real estate market in the Klang Valley has been relatively slow.

A few years back, many bought condos, SOHOs, SOVOs … or their equivalent in anticipation of flipping them for a quick buck as soon as they had received keys for their units. Regrettably, most flippers failed and flopped. Today, these units are offered either at cost price or prices below their cost price.

So, is investing in real estate risky?

Here, I am honor to have Charles Tan, the man behind, a leading independent property blog in Malaysia to share his insights and guiding principles to investing successfully in properties in our next Live Webinar. Here are some of our key discussions:

#1: People – Why are Properties still Safe Investments?
#2: Price – Why Property Prices are still Rising despite being in a Slow Market?
#3: Policy – Why a Catalyst is, Sometimes, all it is needed to Boost the Market?
#4: Preference – The Rental Generation & What Should We Do About it

Ian Tai
Ian Tai

Ian Tai is the founder of, a platform that empowers retail investors to build wealth through ownership of fundamentally solid stocks. It is an essential tool that sifts out stocks that grow profits consistently from a database of over 900+ stocks listed mainly in Malaysia.

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