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Seri asked 2 months ago

Hi KC,
Am a follower of you. A working expat asked how he can get a ‘permanent’ permit or resident pass. I decided to ask you as this has $$$ signs over it! 
Q1.  MM2H suits certain category of $$$ in FD ?
He lives in Selangor. He prefers not to invest a huge sum into FD 
Q2. Talent Resident Pass 
His base income is RM9000+( less than RM10,000)
He is working at a MNC and has a Employment Pass Category 1
Q3. Start own Business
With local.or foreign partners? Paid up capital?
LLP ? Sdn Bhd? Pros &.Cons? 
Alright, as these are some of the issues arise sufficient to ask 3 for now! Do enlighten and or refer to the agency or reliable agents who.can assist.  
Thanks again for your real life experience stories and research. Appreciate your hard work

1 Answers
KCLau Staff answered 2 months ago

So sorry that I am not an expert in advising foreigners residing in Malaysia. Your situation is unique and beyond my capability to give you any useful guide.