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Anonymous asked 8 years ago

Hi KC,
i) I’m planning to buy this property (http://propcafe.net/casa-green-bukit-jalil-amber-homes/) , 1000++sqft, 2 car park, furnish with 4 airconds + installation, walking distance to future extension lrt (http://www.myrapid.com.my/projects/lrt-line-extension/latest-progress) & the price is 460k. There are few units left for bumi lot and sold out for non-bumi lot.. I got extra 5% discount & additional 15k for lower level (should be around 410++). What do you think?Is it a good deal?I’m planning to stay there & rent/sell my existing one.
ii) I’m a government servant & my salary is around 5k. I bought my first apartment at Cheras area, RM235k, monthly installment is RM1008 + RM 140 maintenance fee and also walking distance to lrt (STAR). No other big commitment except for car loan RM550 which is not paid by me & bills like phone, astro, insurance etc. Do you personally think I can afford after the completion of 4 years later considering salary increment is RM200 per year.
iii) I’m not really familiar with Bukit OUG area, but I saw most of the condos there been rented out not more than 2k.
Should I go for it?I think is a good buy but I’m still 50% 50%.
Thanks in advance for your advice 😂