I had invited KK Goh back on my show to share his latest insights on the property market in Malaysia. We discussed:

– Why My Outlook of Property Investment in Malaysia is Promising?
– Property + Business Components to Boost Investment Returns
– The 4F Property Investing System: Find, Fund, Farm & Flip
– Live Discussions. FAQs. and Many More …

    4 replies to "Property Market in Malaysia"

    • Cynthia Chan

      The replay for Property webinar by Mr. KK Goh is only 14 minutes. The whole webinar plus Q&A was over an hour. Can you please put up the whole webinar replay?

      • KCLau

        Hi Cynthia, thanks for commenting. The full video is only available for paid Premium Webinar Members.
        More details here.

    • Sze Jiet Ong

      Hi KC, I cant seems to download the MP4 for this webinar. Please advise

      • KCLau

        I just tested the link and it works for me.
        Can try “right-click” and “save link”?

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