‘Which stockbroking firm should I choose to invest in or trade stocks?’

The above is often the first question that I have received from my readers when they start to explore either stock investing or trading.

Commonly, I believe the factors that would influence our decision in choosing a stockbroker are as follow:

  • Accesses to different markets
  • Ease of transaction (opening accounts, depositing funds, executing trades …)
  • Brokerage fees
  • Analytical tools and features available … etc.

In this webinar, we had brought in Edwin Chin, Regional Business Development with PhilipCapital Singapore to share key features and benefits of POEMS, a stock account which enables its users to participate in global markets conveniently at the comfort of our homes.

What you will find in this webinar:

  • Major Market Access & Various Instruments available
  • Stock Analytics & Screeners which is worth thousands of ringgit if you purchase the data separately
  • Brokerage Fees
  • Ease of Funding (even for Malaysian investors) – which make it perfect for holding Singapore stocks
  • Free Live Price Quotes


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