Kah Meng Wong
Kah Meng Wong

Expert: Kah Meng Wong

Kah Meng is the CEO of Funding Societies Malaysia. A truly proud Malaysian, Kah Meng led the set-up and launched the operations of Funding Societies in Malaysia, equipped with his expertise in strategy, operations and risk management from years of working with leading financial institutions across Southeast Asia including Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Australia, Taiwan, and the Middle East.

In this upcoming webinar, he will be sharing about P2P financing and how investors can get good return leveraging on this platform.

1. How does P2P financing work?
2. What type of financing options are available to SMEs?
3. What are the risks and rewards to investors?
4. What are the key things to look out for when investing?
5. How to start investing on Funding Societies?

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Financial educator, author and trainer

    2 replies to "What Is P2P Financing And What It Does For Malaysia SMEs and Investors?"

    • lawrence leon

      hi kc
      thanks for sharing about funding societies investment- i am quite keen in investing before that could you furnish me with some information
      – to me it seems there are 2 types of investment -p2p & crowdfunding but p2p seems more attractive-as investors are we suppose to choose?
      – if we choose p2p are we to choose the enterprise to invest or is it chosen by funding societies
      – how is the investment returns paid-monthly-how?
      tks kc if everything ok i will invest soon

      • KCLau

        Good questions Lawrence
        – I would prefer p2p financing since it is lower risk comparing to investing in some new startups.
        – they will have several deals a month. You can choose auto-invest which let you participate in all deals that meet your criteria set. Or you can also choose to participate manually as you wish
        – it works like a hire-purchase car loan. We provide the loan upfront, and get paid back according to the term specified e.g. 1 month in full, 6-month installment, 12-month installment up to 24-month installment. You can examine their fact sheet that spells out the repayment in details.

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