In this 1-Hour Live Webinar, I have invited KK Goh, Property Investor, Mentor & Coach, on my next 1-Hour Live Webinar to share:

– His Journey from $327 in bank account to Millions in Properties in 10 Years
– The Secret Formula to Winning the Game of Real Estate.
– The 4F Property Investing System
– Property Trends in Kuala Lumpur, Singapore & Hong Kong
– Live Discussions. FAQs. and many more.


Financial educator, author and trainer

    2 replies to "How One Man Turned from S$327 to become Millionaire Property Investor in 10 Years?"

    • LEE CHUIN 

      how to get funding with 70% loan on 3rd property ? Thank you

      • KK Goh 

        Hi Lee Chuin,
        The solution is tofind Below Market Value deals.

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