Are you looking to land your first job?

Are you interviewing for a senior position in your current company?

Are you in the process of securing your next big deal from a major client?

Let’s stop and think for a moment.

What is the dollar value of the job, the customer and the promotion that you’re pursuing now? What does it mean to you if you’d successfully secured it? Will it mean better income, financial freedom, or you living a more significant lifestyle than ever before?

Yes, we work hard to have the necessaries to get the above. This would include qualifications, proposals, presentation slides, products, technical abilities, good customer supports and all the advantages that you can possibly think of to land yourself your next big deal.

But, what if I tell you that your ‘next big deal’ is often made within 7 seconds or less by your interviewer or client based on their first impression on you. What if you fail to get your million-dollar deal simply because you fail to make the right first impression?

As such, I have brought in Jade Lim, Founder of Beyond Image, to share with us how we all can strategically dress to impress so that we can boost our chances of landing our next job, next client and next business deal. Here’s what we’ll be discussing about:

– How should I dress in different occasions, times, and places?
– Do I need to carry myself differently if I deal with SMEs and Big Corporations?
– Does wearing bright colours enhance my attractiveness?
– Is wearing formal all of the time being professional?
– How to start working on my personal brand?


Financial educator, author and trainer

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